Vendor Information


In order to sell at our event, we expect that you have a valid Resellers Permit, or business license, or are partnered with someone who does have one. We will not require you to display it, but should you be requested, by city or government authorities you should have it available. This will keep us legal with the City of Palmdale. We would be happy to promote your website or business here on this page, so if you register soon, let us know if you want a link!

Non-Profit Organizations: We would love to have your participation. Please fill out the vendor form, and look at the information therein as well as on the welcome letter, and if you are not selling anything, please just write on the form”Not selling” and you sign up to participate for free. If you are planning to make transactions and accept money, you will need to pay a fee. We would love to have many local organizations participate in this event, so please let us know by filling out a form (see below).

Vendor Fee:

  • $40 plus a donation item to our raffle (if paid (received!) before September 30th, 2017).
  • $50 plus donation item to our raffle (after September 30th, 2017).

Important Notes:

  • No dogs except for service dogs.
  • No stakes. Make sure to bring weights this year to keep your tents steady. We never know how it will be until the day, but The Antelope Valley is famous for its winds.
  • No alcohol is allowed in the park, either open or for sale.
  • No smoking within the park itself. If you smoke, ask one of the volunteers to show you to a designated smoking area.
  • Not only is it windy out our way, but the weather has its extremes. One day it is a fresh, caressing autumn. The next it is in the 90s. I wish I could tell you how hot it will be during this event. Please dress accordingly and be sure to bring water and sunscreen. And be sure to protect your products.
  • There is a country diner style restaurant across the parking lot from the event. They are open until 2.

Vendor Forms are on the right.


Pay for your vending fee with Paypal: