Resources for Pagans and Seekers-more to come, but here’s a start!

The Troth A web page/network for Astaruar and Heathens who worship the Norse Gods:Although there are many variations in beliefs and practices within this faith, and many ways of describing and classifying these differences, we all share a defining personal loyalty to, or “Troth” with, the gods and goddesses of the Northlands, such as Odin, Thor, Frigga, and many others. We have a deep respect for our Germanic religious, cultural and historical heritage while at the same time welcoming all who hear the call of our gods, whatever their background. Together, we seek to practice the moral principles followed by our noble predecessors, including Courage, Truth, Honor, Loyalty, Discipline, Hospitality, Industriousness, Self-reliance, and Steadfastness.

Covenant of the Goddess a Wiccan Clergy organization, of which Dragon’s Weyr Circle is a member. They do extensive work in interfaith and have done a great deal to have Wicca and Craft become more accepted in the Interfaith, and by extension, greater global community as a valid religion. We proudly support CoG’s work.

The Witches Voice This site is a networking site for many Witches of many paths, and it’s sister page, the Witches of the World, is what helped Ariadne to found the AV Pagans group. There is a great deal of good teaching material on this site for those new and old to Craft.

One such New Witch page from Witchvox:

So you wanna be a Witch? This page and those that follow in the series, are some very good advice for newcomers to Craft. Remember, Caveat Emptor-let the buyer beware. True Craft teachers do not ‘charge’ for teaching- they may ask for costs of expenses such as copies, etc, but if they are asking you for money, think hard before you open your pocketbook! There are a lot of frauds out there in every religion, and most of them would like your money.

Eye of the Dragon Metaphysical Supplies a store for metaphysical items such as incense, jewelry, stones and more, run by Ariadne and Mikhael.

Religious Tolerance.Org This links to a wonderful site about religious tolerance, and it talks about many different religions on this site. The hotlink takes you to a site about Wicca, but there are many, many other religions to explore there. Happy browsing!

Sacred Texts This site has many of the sacred texts of different religions available to read online or download. Even a copy of Leland’s Gospel of the Witches. Worth a peek.

United Religions Initiative (URI)The purpose of the United Religions Initiative is to promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings. Ariadne is a member of the URI.

Some Local Links to groups/organizations in our area:

Antelope Valley Interfaith Council This is a local Interfaith Council, made up of clergy from the Antelope Valley. They have members of all faiths there, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Religious Science, and they have a Pagan representative, Ariadne (Lisa) who represents YOU, the greater Pagan Community. Check them out.

AV Human Relations Task Force When the “incident” at the Witches Grove took place, this group of community members, along with the Interfaith Council, stepped in to help. This organization helps connect community with the police department and is dedicated to fighting hate crimes. Ariadne (Lisa) is also a member of the Task Force, representing AV Pagan Pride Day