We usually meet on the second Sunday; check our email list, AV Events or the Meetup Group to verify dates

Our Pagan Moots are held on a monthly basis on a Sunday. TIMES ARE BELOW. So check here, for up to date information about location. We will likely be having some vendors, too at our locations. Several of the regular moot attendess have businesses and may bring some items to sell. Eye of the Dragon will be there as will some others, so bring money to shop if you so desire. For more information what what the moots are about, read our FAQ at the links to the left. We don’t have ritual there (usually) it’s primarily social! Do come and bring your kids, there are plenty of other children there. Dress is casual.

Here’s what is happening for the latest Moots. Members of Earth Centered Religions and Heathen and Alternative Spirituality, and all Antelope Valley Pagans are invited to attend:

Midsummer Fairies 661-718-1500

4306 West Ave L in Quartz Hill, just west of 40th St W,
Big Purple Building, you can’t miss it!

Food is potluck so bring a dish to share!

Come meet the Pagan Community and get to know others! Children welcome!
We usually have pagan artisans and merchants who come, too! Vendors will be asked to donate a percentage of proceeds to Midsummer Fairies
To inquire about vending, call 661-722-3887 or email lisa @
Sponsored by: First Pantheistic Center, AV and Antelope Valley Pagans, a local social community group.

We hope to get to meet others of like mind in the area, without driving “Down Below”! We hope to meet many of you there. Our Moots are for meeting and greeting, socially. You need not dress up, nor do we perform rituals or do worship. They are purely social, so come, and introduce yourself! We welcome open minded folk of all paths!

~Ariadne, founder, AV Pagans Moots.