First ever Wiccan service for Fallen Airmen at EAFB

By Lisa Morgenstern First Pantheistic Center, Antelope Valley PO Box 3065 Quartz Hill CA 93586-0065 Thursday night May 9, 2013 at 5:30pm at Chapel 1, Edwards Air Force Base in California, Elder Priestess and Non-Chaplain Worship Leader Amy Watson led a Wiccan service. To honor the 20 Airmen fallen in 2013. Amy has been leading […]

What is the Prison Ministry?

Currently we offer prison ministry services at California State Prison, Los Angeles County. We have clergy authorized to perform Wicca, Druid, and Asatru services at the prison and do so several times per year. Services are usually held on and around the sabbats and other holy days throughout the year. If you would like to […]

White Elephant Sale

We are seeking items for the White Elephant Sale at Pagan Pride Day. For those who don’t know the White Elephant booth is apart of the Raffle booth. These are things people don’t need anymore and we sell the stuff very cheap. We ask that you look through your homes for thing that you no […]