FPCAV is a non-profit dedicated to celebrating the cultural, religious diversity of the Asatruar, Heathens, Metaphysicians, Pagans, Practitioners of Magic, and Wiccans in the Antelope Valley of California. This includes the High Desert area of Palmdale, Lancaster, Quartz Hill, Rosamond, Mojave, Pearblossom, Littlerock, Lake Los Angeles, and Edwards Air Force Base. Our goal is to someday have a real life center, a location with a place to hold worship, as well as classes and other gatherings, maybe even a place with room to rent to a business. We are now incorporated and in the process of becoming a legal non profit in CA, then designated 501 (c) 3 by the IRS.

Membership is available to all once we get started! Right now we have Wiccan and Asatru clergy who are a part of the organization, but we are hoping to soon have clergy of other paths as well. We plan to support intra-faith and interfaith efforts in this regard. This organization is for all pagan/heathen/re-constructionist paths! So please contact us if you are interested in participating! We do not plan to be an ordaining body, simply a fellowship organization to serve our community.

We are actively seeking members of other Pagan/Heathen religions who would like to be involved in this venture. We would like to offer occasional public celebrations, a Sabbat, or Esbat, or a Blot, but we need VOLUNTEERS to lead and coordinate these. At this time we don’t have a building but we plan to work for that to happen! All are welcome at the table, so contact us if you are interested in participating, or join the PPD committee by attending monthly business meetings  to connect with others who are involved in making this a reality. We’d love your help.

Right now our main goal is to put on Antelope Valley Pagan Pride Day around the Fall Equinox every year and hold some other open celebrations in our Community. We want to build community and bring those of like mind together to share their paths, be they a folk way, medicine way, or a path to Initiation, or simply to honor Nature in all it’s guises.