White Elephant Sale

We are seeking items for the White Elephant Sale at Pagan Pride Day. For those who don’t know the White Elephant booth is apart of the Raffle booth. These are things people don’t need anymore and we sell the stuff very cheap. We ask that you look through your homes for thing that you no longer use or have need for, that is in good shape and if at all possible, kind of Pagan-flavored. This could be anything for books to candles.

The money for the White Elephant booth along with the raffle goes to help us put this event on again next year. So please donate something to the booth. If not then at lest come and see all the goodies we have. Just bring your items to the raffle booth early on the morning of Pagan Pride Day AV and drop them off. Please bear in mind, any thing left over will be distributed to needy charities, the library, or elsewhere unless you pick them up by 6pm.

Hail and Blessed Be
Jennifer M. Boyster

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